Massage Oils, Scrubs & Body Masks


Relaxes stiff muscles, moisturize the skin and uses aromatherapy to calm your body and mind

Earthy, woody with a sweet and mossy aroma
Sweet and balmy aroma oil with many skin benefits! Sandalwood soothes, moisturizes and refreshes dehydrated skin and through stimulating skin regeneration it also holds anti-aging properties. It helps relive inflammations & itching and to heal bruised skin. Sandal wood possesses a calming effect on the body and mind. It offers stress relief, improve mood and alleviates anxiety to restore stability. It also awake sensuality and sexual energy.

Sweet, Fruity & Floral
Rejuvenates and refreshes the mind, body, and spirit with its uplifting and soul soothing qualities. Frangipani will instantly relieve stress and replenish the body and mind, making one feel tranquility and peacefulness. It instills high self-esteem, Inspires romance, Fearlessness and self harmonizing through inner and outer self-awareness.

Sweet, Floral & Herbaceous
Calming, relaxing and balancing!
Lavender is a calming yet reviving oil. It helps ease anger and frustration, reduce mental stress and increase alertness. Due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties it treats and soothes various skin problems like acne, psoriasis, cuts, scrapes, burns & sunburns. Lavender lowers emotional and mental stress while increase clarity of thought and mental activity.

Fresh, light & with a hint of citrus
Green tea refreshes the mind, vanishes tiredness and is a real skin boost!
Through its ability to penetrate deep & quickly into the skin’s lower layers it can effectively restore moisture and elasticity to the skin, giving it the optimum hydration. Powerful antioxidants protect from UV damage and contain anti-ageing properties which keep the skin firm and elastic. Being an astringent it has the ability to constrict and shrink body tissue by increasing fat metabolism as well as reduce cellulites.

Intensively Floral, Sweet, Warm & Exotic
For centuries, Jasmine has been treasured for its seductive, beautiful fragrance. It is relaxing, uplifting and exotic!
Jasmine oil is a very soothing, calming and revitalizing oil, making it a powerful antidepressant. It soothes the nerves whilst restoring optimism and energy. As a well-known aphrodisiac it brings out feelings of love, sexuality and emotional warmth. With its uplifting and euphoric properties it helps boost confidence and at the same time reducing fears and anxieties. It also helps improve the skins elasticity & reduces stretch marks and scarring.

Tropical, Fruity, Sweet, Soft & Floral
Calming, Balancing and aphrodisiac!
Sensual and exotic, Ylang ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties and is often used in the name of love. This extremely fragrant oil has a calming and euphoric effect on the mind and body & has a wonderfully balancing effect in the skin. It is used to alleviate stress, relive pain, reduce inflammation, decrease high blood pressure, improve mood and enhance libido. Ylang ylang essential oil is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to support the heart on both a physical and emotional level and to relieve negative emotions and depression such as anger, frustration and rage. It balances the secretion of sebum of the skin and can help both over-dry and over-oily skin types to restore balance.


Lifts & remove dead skin cells and cleanses the skin from dirt and dust & eliminates body odor. Repairs the O2-circulation and stimulate & improve the peripheral blood circulation. Nourish & moisturizes the skin in combination with antioxidant substances to prevent wrinkles

Red rice, Green bean, Soybean, Pulosari bidara laut, Cinnamon, Yellow sandal wood, Wild ginger, Medical root, Fragrant grass, Tunjung flower, Delem leave, Gambir flower
Works like magic on any skin type!

Selected yellow coconut, Red rice, Soybean, Green bean, Mananga flower, Jasmine and Gardenia
Enhance color and shine to the skin with a moisturizing boost from coconut oil!
A super treatment for dry skin.

Green tea, Green bean, White rice, Lotus, Essence of the flower Champaka, Frangipani and Delem leave
green tea2
A nourishing antioxidant boost!
Especially recommended for sensitive or problem skin such as acne, scars & spots and to eliminate cellulites.


Cleanses, nourish and moisturizes the skin leaving your skin soft and smooth

Mud, Red rice grains, Black sticky rice, Pumice patchouli leaves
The Mud mask cleanses clogged pores and nourishes your skin cells with essential minerals. It tightens the skin and helps to prevent wrinkles and reduce cellulites.

Full of creamy milk flour seed, Vanilla, Lotus seed and Tuber root juice
The milk mask nourishes your skin with proteins and relives tensions. It brightens & softens the skin leaving it radiant & smooth. A delightful treatment for any skin type!

Fresh yoghurt & Whole milk
Soothes, nourish and moisturizes the skin.
It also provide antibacterial and antifungal properties keeping the skin fresh and clean in the tropical heat.

Fresh cucumber, Tuber root & White rice grains
Cucumber contains Vitamins & Minerals which neutralize excessive fat for oily skin and at the same time hydrates dry skin. It has a natural moisturizing effect and protect against sunburn.