Diving in East Bali

Indonesia is known for having the worlds best diving and the most diverse sea life anywhere. With over 17.000 islands, spread out over a huge area, all around the equator, one can only imagine the wealth nature provides underneath its ocean surface.

Bali, being one of those 17.000+ Islands, shares this wealth and is probably Indonesia’s most popular dive destination. With excellent accommodation, quality equipment and loads of culture and shopping to do once the diving is done, it is no surprise Bali has become the Indonesian place to be for diving. 
‘Bali is the underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia’, David Pickell and Wally Siagian wrote, and they might just be right.

Based out of Tukad Abu (Tulamben), there are plenty of dive sites within a 30 minute radius of Bali Dive Resort and Spa.

Diving just off the beach at the resort offers world class muck diving. A paradise for underwater photographers. With several of Bali’s most famous muck dive sites reachable within minutes from the resort, there are no dull moments!

Bali Dive Resort and Spa is just a few minutes away from Tulamben and its famous divesites. Best known for the USS Liberty wreck, 25m offshore, Tulamben is a hotspot for divers from all over the world. But it has more to offer than just the wreck. A beautiful wall (drop off), a spectacular slope next to it (Batu Kelibit) and the coral garden, all offer excellent diving. Kubu is stealing the hearts of many divers and is probably Bali’s best kept secret at the moment. Most rare species that are found in East Indonesia can also be found on the dive spots around here and our dive guides will do an effort to try and find them.

Amed is also just 20 minutes away, offering amazing drift dives, impressive coral gardens, a nice wreck and occasional big pelagics.

No matter where you dive expect some the best diving you will have ever done!