Dive Sites

Tulamben was a very anonymous fishing village in the dry lands of Karangasem for a very long period. Nowadays, it’s the busiest diving destination in Bali. Since the discovery of the USS Liberty as a diving destination back in the 1980’ies, Tulamben has been drawing bigger and bigger crowds, all wanting to take a glimpse at the USS Liberty. Tulamben can get very crowded during high season and it’s easy to see why. But the bay and surrounding villages have a lot more to offer than just the USS Liberty and can provide weeks of awesome diving!


Tulamben Coral Garden

Sitting between the “USAT Liberty Wreck” and the “Drop Off”, Coral Garden is a nice coral reef very good for a lazy and shallow dive. Home of many clown fish the goral garden is very good for young divers, but as well sightseeing of Blacktip reef Sharks on the sandy patch of the garden are quite common to make the dive site very interesting for all kind of divers. Moray and Ribbon eels are living in the area as well as nudibranchs and different macro critters. Others artificial reefs are slowly growing which are making home of many different underwater creature. Coral garden as well has a deep slope that goes into the deeper ocean, you never know what to expect coming to a shallower depth!

Tulamben Drop Off

One of the top destination in Tulamben, the “Drop Off” it’s a nice and deep wall absolutely amazing for any type of experienced diver. Starting from a depth of only 3 meters the wall reaches a max depth of over 80 meters! Covered in corals, the wall is home of many different type of marine life, from all the reef fishes common in the area to the amazing frogfish! Going through many different types of nudibrenchs, leaf scorpion fish, clown triggerfish and octopus of all the sizes. Don’t forget to have a look in the blue! Over here they have been spotting different types of sharks, big tunas, marlin and sometimes even mola mola!


Just a 5 minutes ride on one of the traditional jukung will take you to this amazing dive site. The dive site starts at a depth of 5m sloping down to 30m, and it is covered in nice big sponges and finger reefs going into the depth. This dive site is good for all of the different species of marine life you can find in Bali and sometimes eagle rays are spotted in this little bay. The characteristic of this dive site is that you will have white sand on the bottom instead of the usual black sand that you will find in the Tulamben area. Emerald is suitable for all the kind of divers.

Kubu Monkey Reef

A nice, relaxed diving spot. Excellent coral fields, wide variety of fish and sealife. Sometimes a bit of current, but never pose a real problem. Don’t forget your camera!

House Reef and Seraya Reefs

Bali’s most famous muck diving sites are located just off the beach from your resort. The black sand beaches offer perfect conditions to spot amazing critters and spend hours looking for Harlequin Shrimps, Frogfish, Ghostpipe fish, Pipe fish, multiple species of Moray Eels, Ambon Scorpion and even the elusive Leptocaephalus has been filmed here…

USAT Liberty Wreck

This is probably the most famous dive site in Bali. The wreck is long 120m and it sunk off the coast of Tulamben in 1968. Easy dive site accessible by shore, but at the same time very interesting. Anemones, soft and hard corals are grown all over the wreck. Here you can find every common coral fish and as well some of the rarest Frogfish, Leaf Scorpion fish and sometimes also Pigmy Seahorse and Mimic Octopus. As well have always a look in the blue, sometimes you can spot some Eagle Rays and different Sharks, including the most beautiful Whale Shark! Early morning (sunrise) and night dives give you the chance of seeing the big family of Humphead Parrotfish who have been made the wreck their personal bed room.

Kubu Shipwreck ‘Boga’

The Boga is a brand new dive site. In September 2012, the Boga was sunk just off the coast of Kubu, about 5 min away from the USS Liberty. The 85m long vessel lays between 18 and 30m, so it’s a wreck only accessible for people holding and Advanced certification. No real coral growth on the wreck yet, but the many Buddhist statues, the car and many other details make this a very interesting, fun new dive site. Just keep track of your no deco time. 

Japanese Shipwreck

A small Japanese fishing boat right off the beach. The wreck is quite small and there seems to be no one that knows how it got there, when it was sunk. All that is known is that it is a Japanese Vessel.
However, it is a beautiful dive site with plenty to offer. Corals adorn the wreck and there is a spectacular coral slope laying just behind the wreck. Currents can be a tricky, but never a problem.
You can expect to see a lot of macro life, with plenty of Nudebranches, Scorpion (leaf) Fish, shrimps, crabs, Pygmy Seahorse and so much more. An Amed region favourite.

Jemeluk Wall

Just to the right from Jemeluk Beach there is an impressive wall, dropping down to about 50 meters. The dive starts over a shallow coral reef and then plunges down into the abyss. Huge sponge barrels and sea fans decorate the wall. This is a very impressive dive just because you can gaze up on the wall from below. This dive can be done by boat as well so you just float along the wall until you have to surface. We often see Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, schooling Trevally, Bumphead Parrot fish, Turtles and many more. 


Just a few minutes by boat from Jemeluk Beach is Pyramids. A lazy drift dive, which takes you along some artificial reefs followed by a real reef. We often see Turtles, Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse and of course many nudebranches and other macro life.

Bunutan Reef

One of our favorite dives is right in front of our resort in Amed. This dive has something for everybody. The thousands of Garden Eels popping out of the sandy bottom at the start of the dive are something you’ve never seen before. The current on this dive can be quite strong but is mostly just parallel to the coast. Just float along and look out for Sharks (Black tip, White tip and the occasional bigger species), Barraccudas, Tuna, Giant Trevally and many different species of Moray Eels and Rays.
This dive site is huge, with coral gardens to over 50m deep and a total length of over 500m! We still discover something new every day and diving this site will easily make you realize why we love this site so much. A must do dive on any Bali Dive trip.

Deep Blue

A 10 minute boat ride from our resort in Amed. The dive starts in a shallow bay with some very nice coral bommies covered in sea fans and with tons of small fish hovering around it. When you reach the deeper part of the dive around 30 meters the current will take you further. Current is mostly straight with no up or down current. You can drift quite far and you will pass schools of Batfish, Snapper, Napolean Wrasse, Giant Trevelly and Barracuda. We often spot White and Black Tip Reef Sharks as well.